About Us

The ONX Approach

ONX, Inc. provides professional networking service and consulting to small and medium sized businesses in the northeastern Oklahoma area. As a professional services firm, ONX strives to provide the highest level of service available anywhere.
We have designed our company to meet the Information Technology needs of small businesses and to satisfy certain values we deem vital to the successful operation of our business. Businesses need an IT staff that will:
bullet_box2 Be there when you need them,
bullet_box2 Advise and deploy solutions that work,
bullet_box2 Provide cost effective technology and
bullet_box2 Add value to the company.
The bottom line is: Can you trust the solutions to be the right one and the best for your company? Are the solutions tried and true, or are they bleeding edge technology that someone wants to play with, at your expense? Are the solutions going to be cost effective over the long haul, or are they a quick fix with hidden cost put off until later? Do the solutions provide real value to the day to day operations of your business? Do they reduce cost or make employees more productive?